Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard Rentals
in Ottawa & the Valley

Looking to try out stand up paddleboarding but don't own a board? Why not rent one of ours! Our inflatable paddleboards are perfect for camping, cottaging, or just enjoying a float down the Rideau Canal. They are lightweight and fold up into the size of a large hiking bag. No need for roof racks - our boards can be easily transported in your trunk or backseat. The paddleboards are durable, stable, and designed to withstand rocky shores and surprise shoals. Each board comes with a lightweight, adjustable paddle, carry bag, high-pressure dual action pump, removable fins and a leash.

Paddleboard rentals have been the foundation of our business since 2017. We partnered with Ottawa’s own Ruckify to make our rentals possible.

Our partnership with Ruckify ensures safe and contactless rentals. It also protects both you as a customer and ourselves as owners in case of any disputes or possible incidents. If you don't have a Ruckify account yet, you can sign up below to get $10 off of your first rental! Click the black sign-up button at the top right of the page once you get to Ruckify. We suggest downloading the Ruckify app for convenience.

You can pick up your rentals at the Ruckify Trading Post at 1860 Bank Street in Ottawa or if you are travelling to a cottage in the Valley, you can stop by our house and pick them up here in Arnprior! Pick-up locations will be determined when you book your rental.


DAILY - $30
WEEKLY - $140

Already a Ruckify member?

Check out our Ruckify listings by clicking the button below. We are currently renting the Retrospec Weekender 10' Inflatable SUP.

In 2022, we will also be offering the Oru Kayak Inlet for rent as well, so stay tuned!

In the province of Ontario, you are required by law to have 1 life jacket or PFD on board for each passenger on a paddleboard or kayak. We highly recommend that you always wear a life jacket while paddling. Nobody intends to fall into the water, but if you do, a lifejacket could save your life.

The government of Canada says that a life jacket is your best defence against cold-water shock. A sudden fall into cold water can seriously affect breathing, nerves, and muscle strength. A life jacket gives you thermal protection as well as keeping you buoyant.

NEW Location For 2021!

We are pleased to announce that Ottawa Valley Air Paddle has expanded its reach to Toronto! With 10 boards available to rent in Richmond Hill, you can tell your friends in the GTA where they can pick up a rental board and head to the Muskoka's for the weekend!



We are just full of surprises this year! For 2021, we have teamed up with Union 108 Yoga studio here in Arnprior to present SUP YOGA
This awesome class will bring your yoga practice to a whole new level! Working on core strength, improving your balance, and getting you outdoors on the water. It creates a deeper sense of presence because you are more focused on each movement, which makes this a very mindful practice.

Come with an open mind and a curious attitude!

Want to try it out? Sign up for next week's class at the button below.

Don't have your own a board?  That's where we come in!
Hit the button on the right to reserve an OVAP board for your lesson! We offer rentals that include a PFD, board, paddle, anchor and a leash. 

Classes run weekly from July 14th until August 18th. 6:30-8:00PM. Single session 30$ for yoga only or $60 for yoga + a board rental.