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Inflate in under 5 minutes

These inflatable stand up paddle boards come with an upgraded dual-action pump for quick and easy set up. We also have portable electric pump available if you're looking for a less manual set up but still want the convenience of an inflatable board.

Amazing paddleboard

I wasn't sure what to expect with the price, but this board came with literally EVERYTHING you could possibly need, from leash to waterproof phone case. And the board was really stable for an inflatable, I also loved the design of it, it's so beautiful!

Dahlia H

LOVE My Weekender!

I love this board and feel like I've had a whole new world open up to me for water adventures! I highly recommend and feel extremely fortunate to have snagged one as they seem to be hard to keep in stock.

Virginia C.


I almost can’t realize the difference between this inflatable one for the hard one. I’m happy with my toy!

Carolina M.

The Doodle loves the board!

First time ever buying a paddle board, let alone an inflatable one! Had my concerns but I bit the bullet anyways. I’m so happy I did! My doodle & I go out to the lake at least once a week to relax & pay fetch in the middle of the lake. Very durable and light weight.


5 Minutes from Trunk to launch

Inlet = Fast and easy

We have a pair of Inlets kayaks. You cannot beat the Inlet’s easy assembly! We loaded all four kayaks into my small sedan. Lots of oohs and ahhs from onlookers at the final product as we effortlessly carried to launch!


Finally found the perfect boat!

I am a small woman in my mid-50s, with a small house and compact car. It's surprising how much difference the lighter weight, easier assembly and more compact shape makes in terms of my enjoyment and how often I go paddling.


Amazing all around

This is by far the best sporting goods product I’ve ever bought. Plenty of room and I can set it up nearly blindfolded. I feel very safe and comfortable on this but it works best on mellow lakes and rivers.



When the Inlet was announced, I immediately daydreamed of being able to keep it tucked away for quick trips to the local reservoir. So far, it’s a daydream come true. Paddling is easy on calm waters.


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