The rental process is easy. Simply go to the booking tool on our website and choose which board you want to rent and then the dates you would like to rent the board. You will need to sign a contract in order to complete your rental purchase. 

Deposits are put down on all rental boards to ensure that a board is reserved for you on your requested date. We ask for a deposit in case of damage to the board. If the board comes back to us in the same condition it went out, you will receive your deposit back in full. 

It depends on which rental location you are renting from. Our flagship location is at 110 Seventh Avenue in Arnprior, but we also have a location in Richmond Hill. Each location address can be found on the booking tool page. 

At the present time, we do not offer deliveries for rentals.

There really is no limit on the number of days you can rent a board for! 

You must be at least 18 years of age to rent. If you are under 18, you can still rent a board with parental consent. Please have your legal guardian sign the rental agreement form.

When you rent a board or kayak with us, you will receive all of the contents in order to use the board or kayak. This includes a carrying bag, paddle, manual air pump and fins. Additionally, you will be provided with a safety kit and a life jacket. Both the safety kit and life jacket are required by the province of Ontario to be on board with you at all times.

If you damage the rental board, you are responsible for the repair and/or replacement of the board. We will assess the damage and return the unused portion of your deposit, or send you an invoice for the remaining balance.

The paddleboards and kayaks are about the size of a large hiking backpack when packed up. They can easily fit in the trunk of a small vehicle, but you will want to make sure to have at least a 3ft x 1ft x 1ft space available for each board.

It takes about 5-7 minutes to inflate a board with a manual pump.

The paddles do not float so if you lose one, you will be required to pay for a replacement via your deposit.

We get this question a lot. Not to worry if the pump gauge isn’t registering, this just means you do not have enough air in the board yet. The gauge won’t start to read until the pressure reaches at least 7 PSI. You will need to pump it up for a while before reaching this point. Don’t worry, you won’t overload it with air. 

Paddleboard Information

You absolutely can use an electric pump on our boards. We even have an electric pump available in our store.

All our boards use a Hawkley Roberts H3 valve. This is the same valve that most paddleboards use and fits most paddleboard pumps including the electric pumps we carry. 

You can leave your SUP inflated for the entire summer season if you would like! We do recommend letting a little bit of air out before storing it and making sure to store it in a safe place. 

If you would like to store your board inflated, you can do so by letting a bit of air out of it and then leaving it in a safe place with no sharp objects. To be on the safer side, you can deflate your board and put it into its carrying bag for safekeeping. This bag can be kept in your garage or someone cold for the winter, the temperature won’t affect it as long as it's deflated. 

Absolutely! All of our boards can be used for regular yoga practice. If you would like to try out a SUP yoga class, you can sign up for the classes we offer every Wednesday night in Arnprior! 

Many people expect inflatable boards to be less durable than hard boards but this is not the case. Being lightweight and made of military-grade PVC, these boards bounce off things and are extremely difficult to damage.

The Retrospec boards weigh 17lbs and the Atoll boards weigh 21lbs.

You do not! There is no need for mounts or roof racks when you have an inflatable paddleboard because they can easily fit in the back of your truck or in your compact car’s trunk! 

This rarely happens because when you are pumping up your board, you should be watching the pressure gauge and not exceeding 12 PSI on Retrospec boards and 15 PSI on Atoll Boards. If you do inflate the board too much, just let a bit of air out. If the board is left over-inflated, you risk ruining the seams and having the board pop. 

Warrenties & Policies

Yes, all boards and kayaks available in the OVAP store come with a 2-year limited warranty

You can return your board to us if it is in “like new” condition. If the board has obviously been used multiple times, then we cannot issue a return. If there was some sort of defect or problem with your board or kayak, then we have no problem taking it back. 

The shipping time varies based on the location you are in. We can ship across Canada within 5-7 business days.