Rental Policies


Due to the fact that all of our equipment is by reservation only, and your requested equipment is removed from our available equipment list, making it unavailable for other clients. We are forced to charge a Cancellation Fee to compensate for the time the equipment is not available, as follows:

  • Day Of Event Cancellation - 100% of the total rental invoice
  • Less Than 48Hours Notice up to day of event - 50% of the total rental invoice
  • More Than 48Hours Notice - No Fee

Events Cancelled Due To Weather:

We understand rain plays a huge role in many of our client rentals, and as such we do offer rain date exceptions.

RAIN DATE TERMS - Single Day only:

  • Your rain date must take place within the same rental season as the original cancelled date (May 15th-September 15th). A credit will be issued on your customer profile at the time of cancelation. If the credit is not used within the same rental season, it will be forfeited. 
  • Cancellations due to acts of God (illness, death, weather, etc) will be credited with the same terms as a rain date. 
  • We DO NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS for rain date cancellations.  You have the opportunity to reschedule your rental, if you choose not to, it is the same as cancelling your event SAME-DAY and as such our SAME-DAY Cancellation policy is applied.

RAIN DATE TERMS - Excursions, Classes, and Lessons

  • For all events that are canceled due to weather and require a certified instructor, OVAP will issue a rain date based on the availability of their staff. If you are unable to attend that class you will have to option to receive a refund for that event or a credit for the total amount paid to be used towards another event.

If you need to cancel, please let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.