Kaleidoscope Kayaking

Light Up Your Paddling Adventure


Kaleidoscope Kayaking

Looking for Ottawa's newest and most exciting summer event of the season? Look no further than Kaleidoscope Kayaking!

Immerse yourself in this magical experience as you paddle through the serene waters of the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, under the enchanting night sky! But this isn't just your ordinary kayaking trip – prepare to be mesmerized as your origami Oru Kayak comes alive with a vibrant display of lights and music! As you journey through this illuminated dreamscape, the magic of the city at night will unfold around you, leaving you in awe of Ottawa's remarkable beauty.

This August, you’ll have the chance to enjoy six evenings to embark on a 2-hour journey along the Rideau Canal. As the sun sets and darkness descends, your kayak is beautifully illuminated with a kaleidoscope of colours. Glowing LED lights dance and twinkle around you, creating an otherworldly ambiance that sets the stage for an unforgettable experience.

The highlight awaits you at the Rideau Canal Locks – Les Grands Feux du Casino Lac-Leamy, a magnificent fireworks spectacle illuminating the night sky. Each evening will feature a totally different fireworks show with various pyrotechnic effects, colours, and designs. As you approach the prime viewing spot, your kayak becomes a front-row seat to this awe-inspiring pyrotechnic performance. Feel the reverberations of each explosion and watch in awe as the fireworks paint the sky with vibrant colours and shapes.

Kaleidoscope Kayaking is the perfect event for couples, friends, and families who seek a unique and memorable way to explore Ottawa's hidden wonders. Whether you're a seasoned kayaker or a first-time paddler, our knowledgeable and friendly guides will ensure your safety and comfort throughout the entire journey.

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