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Where To Buy an Atoll Paddleboard in Canada

When the weather's nice, nothing beats being out on the water. An inflatable paddleboard can be a great way to get out, explore your local waterways, and have some fun. But not all inflatable paddleboards are created equal. Some are cheaply made, while others are built to last, providing you with a great workout and great times out on the water.
If you landed on this page, you've probably been wondering where you can buy an Atoll Paddleboard in Canada. Here's your answer: Ottawa Valley Air Paddle (OVAP).
Paddleboarding is a sport that is growing in popularity, so much so that some of the biggest retailers in the world have started carrying them. The Atoll is one of the brands that consistently lands on top 10 lists around the internet. It’s no surprise that they have become so popular. This is exactly why OVAP works so closely with Atoll to be their #1 Canadian partner. You may find Atoll paddleboards for sale at a few local shops, but Ottawa Valley Air Paddle is the top store for Atoll in Canada.
OVAP works closely with the Atoll team to ensure the colour you want is almost always in stock. And we carry all of their accessories, including the 100% carbon fibre paddle. We handle warranty issues and customer service for all Atoll purchases through our store. OVAP also provides the best shipping options for Atoll boards in Canada.
Here's what one of our customers had to say:
"Phenomenal customer service from Lana and Scott of OVAP! Was able to get both an "Army Green" and "Desert Sand" Atoll SUP ordered today
Not only were they one of the only dealers to have the Desert Sand option available, they were also one of the most affordable, and were able to get me all looked after on a Sunday at that - Lana was very quick to answer my questions and also went above and beyond to assist me with getting two boards shipped to Alberta.
Highly recommend anyone in the market for an Atoll in Canada (or any SUP/Kayak at that) reach out to Ottawa Valley Air Paddle."
- Tyler D

About the 11' Atoll Paddleboard

The Atoll 11’ Inflatable Paddleboard is a great option for those who want to start paddleboarding. This board retails for about $1099, which is a bit more expensive than other options, but the quality of equipment is outstanding. The Atoll Paddleboards are made of a double layer PVC with fusion technology on the seams, they are very durable. They are also available in a variety of colours, so you can find a board that suits your style.
This paddleboard is designed for all-water exploration, with a 32" width, and a large deck pad, there's room for paddlers of all shapes and sizes! The Atoll paddle board is very stable, making it the perfect paddle board for rivers and lakes. It's rated for 350 lbs and is water tested to 550 lbs with multiple riders
The Atoll 11' Inflatable Paddleboard is one of the most popular paddleboards on the market today. This paddleboard is loved by both new and experienced paddleboarders alike for its ability to handle a wide range of conditions and its versatility when it comes to traveling. All of this makes the Atoll 11' a great choice for anyone who wants a durable, yet portable, high-performance inflatable paddleboard. If you have any questions about Atoll paddleboards, speak with one of our team members today!

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