SUP With Your Pup! 🐕

SUP With Your Pup! 🐕

At Ottawa Valley Air Paddle, we believe that dogs are more than just pets; they are our loyal and beloved best friends who deserve to share every moment of adventure with us!

As a dog owner, you understand the bond that exists between you and your furry companion. You take your dog with you everywhere you go, exploring nature's wonders together, and creating unforgettable memories side by side. So, why should your water-based escapades be any different?

In this blog post, we'll uncover the magic of stand up paddleboarding and kayaking with your four-legged friend. Because leaving them behind is simply not an option when every moment is better with them by your side! Let's doggy paddle our way into the joyous world of paddling with your best friend and embrace the water-filled adventures that await you both!

Sailin' and Tailin'

The wagging tails and water trails await! Stand up paddleboarding and kayaking with your "paw-some" pooch isn't just a walk in the park; it's an experience that will make memories you'll cherish fur-ever! So, why should you bring your fur baby along on your aquatic escapades? Because dogs are more than just pets; they're family members, your friendly sidekicks, and they add a whole new level of joy to every adventure! 

Pawsitive Paddling Preparations

First things fur-st, choose the right gear—our inflatable SUPs and folding kayaks are perfect for accommodating your furry first mate. Stability and comfort are key, ensuring your doggo feels secure and cozy while paddling together. Don't forget a paws-itively fabulous dog life jacket, providing both safety and style! 

Pup on an Inflatable SUP?

In short, the answer is YUP! One of the best things about the inflatable paddleboards we carry is their pawsome durability, perfectly suited for furry adventurers! Our iSUPs are crafted with tough materials, resistant to scratch marks and tears, ensuring they can handle all the playful paws and wagging tails that come their way. The foam pad and rubber material offer bark-tastic grip and stability, even when the board gets wet, allowing your furry friend to balance like a pro! To ensure the safety of your board, it's essential to keep your dog's nails trimmed. Although we are confident that their nails won't puncture the board's body, long and sharp nails can potentially cause tears in the foam pad. But fear not! A simple and quick trim of your pup's nails will prevent any pawsibilities of accidents and keep your inflatable SUP in tip-top shape for countless memorable voyages together!

Helping Your Pup EmBARK on the Adventure

Now, let's get our doggo ready for their water adventure! Training is a paw-tential game-changer, so start with some basic commands to familiarize your pooch with the SUP or kayak on dry land. Positive reinforcement with treats and belly rubs will have them howlin' for more! Once they're feeling comfortable with it on land, introduce them to shallow waters to dip their paws in. With patience and practice, they'll soon be riding the waves like a pro! 🐾

Safety First and Fur-most!

Safety is of utmost importance on the water. Remember, even the best doggy-paddler may need some protection when paddling, so never forget the dog life jacket! The Rover Floater by Level Six has a secure, not-restrictive fit, a convenient handle, and adjustable straps. It's the perfect pooch life saver! Always opt for calm waters for a smooth-sailing experience, and keep your pup hydrated with plenty of water breaks. Just like us, dogs can get sunburned, so lather on some pet-safe sunscreen to avoid ruff times ahead! 

Don't Forget to Capture the Tail-Waggin' Moments!

As you and your fur baby glide across the water in tandem, don't forget to capture the paw-dorable moments on camera! These memories will be treasures for a lifetime, reminding you of the adventures and bond you share. Don't forget to tag @ovap.ottawa in your photos so we can check out your adventures and re-share them on our page (with permission, of course!).  


Paddling with your pooch is a paw-some adventure that strengthens your bond, creates cherished memories, and fills your heart with pure joy. At Ottawa Valley Air Paddle, we're all about embracing the magic of water trails and wagging tails, ensuring that you and your furry first mate have a paw-fect time on the water!

So, grab your gear, "bark" up the right tree, and embark on a journey that'll have you both howling with delight! Happy paddling, fur-ends! 🐕

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